Glad you found our blog — post number one! I’m Jeremy Neren, Founder & CEO of GrocerKey. We’re excited to have you here as we launch our all-new, upgraded online presence. At GrocerKey, we’re all about helping you understand and navigate the world of grocery eCommerce. It’s an exciting time to be focused on digital grocery, and we appear to only be scratching the surface of what’s possible. We’ve been leveraging our experience and working tirelessly in our live learning lab ( to create solutions to the many challenges retailers face with eCommerce. We’re excited to help our other brick & mortar grocery clients (and future clients) take advantage of the opportunities available to them with digital grocery.

In this blog, we’ll explore where we see the business heading — trends, forecasts, insights from industry experts, new technologies, and more. We’ll also, of course, update you about continuing developments at GrocerKey, as well as share general industry news we think you’ll find valuable. Finally, we’ll make it a point to tell some interesting stories — about customer successes, our own team members, our experiences out on the road throughout North America, and lots more. And hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way, too!

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