“Operational Checklist for Grocery eCommerce” – Available Now!

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Don’t try eCommerce without it.

Operational excellence at the store level is a prerequisite for meeting shopper expectations for in-store fulfillment. Whether your digital strategy is Click & Collect, Order & Deliver, or you are just investigating your competitive options, running your stores the same old way may no longer be enough to keep satisfy your customers’ changing expectations.

Numerous store issues are magnified in the present era, ranging from assortment, to on-shelf availability, to labor management, to the cold chain, and more.

We’ve published a new guide, called “Operational Checklist for a Great Grocery eCommerce Experience.” It presents a succinct summary of the capabilities grocers will want to master in order to compete and win.

It’s available now as a PDF download now – click below!

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Please take a look, then reach out to us for a conversation.

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