On Demand: “Operational Best Practices Deliver Superior eCommerce Experiences”

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Learn how operational excellence can ensure successful and satisfying eCcommerce experiences for your shoppers. 

We held a Free Webinar October 25, 2017. Now you can access the archive here!

webinar title date timeStop looking over your shoulder at Amazon.com and start looking your shoppers straight in the eye. Would they say you are delivering the eCommerce experience they expect and deserve?

Whether you are just exploring online grocery options or have years of experience, success depends on much more than just the right web site. Order fulfillment is hard to do well, and it requires adherence to several operational best practices.

Join this free webinar to learn how operational excellence can ensure successful and satisfying eCcommerce experiences for your shoppers that make them prefer your stores above all others, again and again.

Moderator: Todd Michaud, President & CEO of Transformational Retail Technologies, Inc.

Featuring: Jeremy Neren, Founder & CEO of GrocerKey

Featuring: Matthew Gutermuth, former CEO of Safeway.com

Featuring: David Bishop, Partner, BrickMeetsClick

Retailer Case Study Insights: Clint Woodman, President of Woodman’s Markets

Attendees will receive the new GrocerKey gold paper:

“Operational Checklist for Online Grocers.”


Click to access the webinar archive!

Exclusive media sponsor: Progressive Grocer.

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