Hello, Jeremy Neren here again. It’s been a busy year so far for us! I thought I’d provide a rundown on just some of our recent accomplishments:

• We finalized part of our third round of funding

• We began expansion of ShopWoodmans.com to additional Woodman’s locations

• We hired a Director of ShopWoodmans.com to manage our aggressive growth plans

• We progressed with several of our key retailers who are currently in pilot with our comprehensive  eCommerce technology solution

• And we’re nearing release of a brand-new product that will serve as a natural extension to our eCommerce technology

Over the past year, we’ve formed an identity for GrocerKey that we are extremely proud of and excited about. By managing and operating ShopWoodmans.com on behalf of Woodman’s, we are uniquely positioned as the only retailer-branded eCommerce grocery technology provider that operates an eCommerce grocery business on behalf of an enterprise-level grocery retailer.

Every day we interact with our own technology in a live environment and iterate as quickly as possible to solve problems for ShopWoodmans.com and provide more value to all our other retail partners. We analyze every customer interaction, listen closely to customer feedback, and obsess over the operational needs of running an eCommerce business out of a brick & mortar grocery store.

Our goal is to do our part to make eCommerce a viable business opportunity for brick & mortar grocery retailers. In just a year, we did this on behalf of Woodman’s by achieving profitability with ShopWoodmans.com. We look forward helping other retailers do the same in 2017 and beyond!

It’s our belief that the most critical components of a viable eCommerce grocery business exist behind the scenes. This blog will focus heavily on all those critical components, which are essential to building an eCommerce grocery business profitably and sustainably. Everything we do at GrocerKey is with that in mind.

Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to sharing the GrocerKey journey with you!