Drive incremental revenue

The embedded GK Digital Media ad tech provides you with incremental revenue, while simultaneously allowing your CPG brand partners new ways to engage your customers.

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Faster growth

GK Media partners grew 41% faster than their peers YTD

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Onboarded in year 1

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Per store per year

In digital revenue

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Incremental funds to retailer

Introducing shopper and digital funds

See how retailers on our platform are leveraging digital media to drive incremental revenue

Banner ads

Modular banner displays with configurable placement options along the shopping journey that ensures the right ads are delivered in the right context.

Sponsored products

Boost products in relevant categories and search results pages and provide a personalized pre-checkout up-sell experience that leverages ML to ensure sponsored products are relevant to the user’s cart.

Analytics & reporting

Manage ad budgets and gain insight into your ROAS by leveraging our built-in Metrics Engine that tracks & reports on every event in the life cycle of an ad, from impression to purchase.

For a full list of features & capabilities please get in touch with one of our sales reps.

Let us kick start and manage your media business

We provide a dedicated ad team to run your digital media business and are a trusted business partner to your marketing and merchant teams.

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