Guide: Learn the Five Keys to Launching Successful eGrocery

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In a year following unprecedented disruption, there are already telltale signs the shift in consumer habits that are sure to last into the foreseeable future. According to FMI: 

  • 78% of shoppers have made a change in where they shop as a result of the pandemic 
  • 40% shop at fewer stores 
  • 49% are buying more or started buying online 

The changing nature of increased work demands, rapid tech adoption, and a taste of convenience means customers have created a new market for online grocery to thrive in.

Just one year after the pandemic eMarketer projects online U.S. Grocery sales will exceed $100 billion in 2021 — with online grocery making up roughly 12.4% of total grocery sales, stating “this behavior will go from trial to habit for many shoppers.”  

The data should serve as a signal flare to independent and regional grocery chains that are on the fence of eGrocery or have simply not made an eCommerce solution available to their customers. 

As the industry continues to see record eGrocery adoption, grocery retailers who shelve these efforts will lose out on revenue-generating and customer-retention opportunities post-pandemic, especially as vaccines are widely distributed and shoppers return to a “new normal,” when its expected people will begin reallocating shopping dollars back into restaurants and entertainment rather than groceries for meals cooked at home. 

Failing to embrace an eGrocery mindset could mean risking getting left behind. 

Our “eGrocery Quick Start Guide” is your key to unlocking digital grocery. Learn the five keys to launching your eGrocery business, including: 

  • Why less is more when it comes to fulfillment operations 
  • How picking efficiency can improve profitability 
  • Why digital merchandising is an essential step to growing online baskets 
  • Why  digital marketing is crucial for acquiring and engaging customers  
  • How collaborating with CPGs can help drive incremental revenue 

With the eGrocery Quick Start Guide, you’ll be one step closer to building a profitable and sustainable eGrocery business. Download the eBook here. 


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