Empower your store staff

Our mobile, custom-built fulfillment app provides everything needed to successfully pick, pack, and deliver eCommerce orders.

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Average pick time / item

Seasoned personal shoppers can achieve average pick times as low as 30 seconds per product

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Lost Labor

Automated out of stock process eliminates need for subjective decisions and customer communication


Customer Rating

4.6 out of 5 stars from our customers.

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Orders fulfilled

Leverage our experience to help you launch and sustain a profitable eCommerce business

See how retailers are leveraging our fulfillment app to drive operational efficiency

Native Android App

Works on any Android phone, including consumer-grade devices, allowing you to setup your operation in no time without the need of purchasing expesive, industrial picking devices.

Scandit Barcode Scanner

One of the fastest and most accurate scanning technologies, Integrated directly into our fulfillment app to ensure the correct items are selected at the shelf. Works with the built in camera of any Android phone.

Multiple Picking Methods

We’ve developed multiple ways to pick items (single order, batch and zone picking) so you can choose the method that provides the highest efficiency in your existing store layout and setup.

Pick path

There is a logical flow for picking orders. Frozen items shouldn’t be picked first so they sit and unthaw while the rest of the order is picked. We offer a set pick path so items are picked logically and in the most efficient manner possible.


Multiple roles are required to successfully pick and deliver an order. Our picking application provides a unique view for each role to ensure maximum effectiveness and execution:

Real-Time Updates & Logging

Provides your customers with visibility into their order at every step of the way and enables your store managers to make data driven decisions.

For a full list of features & capabilities please get in touch with one of our sales reps.


We’re working closely with store managers and staff in our live learning lab to innovate and re-imagine the fulfillment app and process for an even more streamlined and optimized fulfillment model.

Last mile fulfillment designed for scale

Leverage our delivery partners OR we can design a last mile strategy for your unique needs.


Make fulfilling orders a breeze