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GK Commerce is a fully customizable and retailer branded eCommerce platform that delivers a consistent customer experience across your digital channels.

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Average basket size

Best in class customer experience 
yields an industry best AOV of $140 vs. <$100 industry average

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Items per Order

Nearly $3M in annual revenue potential per store utilizing less than 32 sq. ft.

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Out of Stocks

Leverage proactive substitutions to reduce out of stocks resulting in a better customer experience. 

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Guaranteed Uptime

Custom built platform without the overhead of a legacy CMS ensures industry leading uptime and performance

See how retailers on our platform are averaging basket sizes over 40% larger than the industry average

Retailer Branded

Fully customizable and retailer branded to ensure your customer experience is consistent across all channels.


Built for speed and simplicity via a single page application resulting in extremely fast page load times. A UI / UX that reduces clicks throughout the ordering process, allowing customers to rapidly build a cart with 40-50+ SKUs.

Consumer Driven UX

Driven by data and consumer feedback, optimized for the unique needs of online grocery shopping.


Put customers in control by allowing them to designate backup products, a highly effective way of keeping AOV high, while simultaneously offering the most shopper-centric way to reduce out of stock issues.

Personalized Search

Our machine learning powered search engine delivers search results that are personalized to the individual consumer based on their browsing / purchase history.

Filters & Nutritional Preferences

Consumers can select their dietary preferences to customize the shopping experience based on their individual needs and leverage robust filters as they browse department pages and search results.

Digital Merchandising

Create a dynamic and engaging shopping experience, leveraging our suite of digital merchandising tools that allow you to put the right products and content in front of the consumer at the right time.

Sales & Promotions

Offer shoppers a benefit for their first order, incentivize them for building a higher basket with free pickup or delivery, and take advantage of our robust complex promotion engine.

Plan & Shop

Customers can toggle to “in-store” mode and plan their next visit by reviewing their home store assortment and building a shopping list. Lists are synchronized in real time across any device, from a desktop to a smart phone app.

For a full list of features & capabilities please get in touch with one of our sales reps.

Stand up a new eCommerce experience or build a white label solution to run in parallel to your marketplace listing in as little as 30 days.

Leverage our partner ecosystem and out of the box integrations


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