Grocery eCommerce Made Simple

GrocerKey is a comprehensive eCommerce platform personalized for the unique needs of independent and regional grocery retailers

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Average basket size

Best in class customer experience 
yields an industry best AOV of $140 vs. <$100 industry average

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Guaranteed uptime

Custom built platform without the overhead of a legacy CMS ensures industry leading uptime and performance

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Savings per store

Our GK Light Operating Model creates significant capex savings, food safety best practices, efficient scaling, and labor efficiency

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Order Capacity

Nearly $3M in annual revenue potential per store utilizing less than 32 sq. ft.

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Orders fulfilled​

Leverage our experience to help you launch and sustain a profitable eCommerce business

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eCommerce revenue

We don’t just help our retail partners launch, we help them scale and build meaningful revenue

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Customer acquisition cost

Digital Marketing Management that enables you to achieve a low CAC with high ROI ($1,000+ CLTV)

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Digital Media Revenue

Earn incremental revenue by leveraging our embedded advertising tools and managed service

Own Your eCommerce Business

An all-in-one white label eCommerce solution that combines a customer-facing digital platform with advanced fulfillment technology, enabling an intuitive and consistent customer experience across all digital channels and operational efficiency.



Provide your customers the convenience they’re seeking by enabling quick and easy ordering from any device



Empower store level staff to manage day-to-day operations efficiently and corporate staff with merchandising, marketing, and analytics tools.



Our mobile, custom-built fulfillment app provides everything needed to successfully fulfill eCommerce grocery orders from store to door.


Retail Media

The embedded GK Retail Media ad tech provides you with incremental revenue, while simultaneously allowing your CPG brand partners new ways to engage your customers.

Strategic services

Managed Retail Media

We provide a dedicated ad team to run your retail media business. GK serves as an internal agency and can be a trusted business partner to your marketing and merchant teams.

Strategic Consulting

Leverage our experienced senior team to elevate your eCommerce strategy, implement an efficient operating model, and oversee digital marketing.

Professional Services

If you wish to customize the platform beyond the built-in configurations, GK will serve as an internal agency to help you achieve your goals.

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Why GrocerKey?

We blend best in class software with deep industry expertise that is yielding tremendous ​results​ for our retail partners

The best time to start selling online was yesterday, the second best time is today.